What’s on offer at Inspire

We allow all young people to have timely access to our services supporting Education, Personal Development and Wellbeing. Working closely with young adults, we support their personal development and wellbeing, as well as helping them overcome obstacles and progress onto professional pathways.


I wanted to go out but I was too nervous and that’s when I found Inspire and decided to join their team programme

Annabelle’s Story, before our wellbeing support

Every day, we work to enrich the lives of young people.

As a charity supporting young people onto positive futures, we strive to deliver a range of services to suit the needs of the young people that we work with with the aim to increase confidence, motivation and self-esteem, all which play a key part in helping young people find positive sustainable outcomes.

75% of our young people move onto a positive outcome in work, training or education following our courses
8/10 Over 80% of our participants said that if they weren’t taking part in our clubs they’d be inactive!
650 young people on our development courses each 
year, helping them onto a positive future
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Before I started Team Programme, I moved from Harlow to Felixstowe. I was worried I wouldn’t make any friends as I was leaving 20 years of my life behind. The experience helped me develop my social skills and my confidence in myself.

participated in Team Programme

I felt like an absolute failure before having dropped out of college and every relationship around me seemingly breaking down. Inspire really got me out of the slump that I was in.  They had belief in me when I did not believe in myself.”

participated in Team Programme

I was so caught up in believing that I wasn’t going to amount to anything that I never thought I could do what I wanted to do. I’m so glad that I did the programme because now I am doing exactly what I want to do!

participated in Team Programme