‘We Believe in YOUth’ Launches Online

28 May 2020

Inspire’s latest campaign has launched online to showcase the life-changing transformations young people have made with our support.

We are incredibly lucky to work with hundreds of young people each year and hope that sharing their journeys inspires others to believe in a brighter future. With so many suffering the consequences of isolation and uncertainty, it’s vital that they can access the support they need to navigate these tough times.

The campaign aims to reach the young people who need us most and launches alongside our new wellbeing service, which offers remote counselling over the phone or by video chat. Our aim is to bring the issues affecting young people to the forefront of public consciousness and start much-needed conversations about mental health, education and wellbeing.

Covid-19 poses a serious risk of scarring young people’s prospects and having a considerable impact on their hope for the future. These are things we can’t shy away from and we want to tackle them head on by offering innovative new services and sharing how others have found the path to a more positive future.

If you believe in our work and would like to join our mission to improve the lives of young people in Suffolk, please get in touch. There’re so many ways you can get involved, from fundraising to volunteering your time.

We Believe in Talking about Mental Health

We Believe in Brighter Futures

We Believe in YOUth