Waitrose Community Matters

4 September 2017

We are one of the Waitrose Community Matters causes for the whole of September at Waitrose Futura Park in Ipswich!

If you’re shopping in the store during September, grab your green token and vote for us to support our work helping local young people onto a positive future who desperately need our help!

How does it work?

At the end of your shop in branch, you’ll receive a token to place in a box of the good cause you’d most like to support (hopefully ours!). The more tokens a cause gets, the bigger the donation they receive. Each month every Waitrose branch donates £1,000 (£500 in Convenience shops) between 3 local good causes – and the more votes, the bigger a share we get!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed – thank you for your support! We’ll keep you updated on the outcome!

Read more about Waitrose’s Community Matter’s scheme here.