TA Hotel’s visit our Leiston Team programme

22 February 2018

Thank you to Rob and James, Assistant Food & Beverage Manager and Chef at TA Hotel Collection, for visiting our Leiston Team programme this week. It was a really successful morning for our learners where they heard the ins and outs of the Hospitality industry.

They gave lots of life advice about the need to be willing to learn and try, that everyone can gain important and meaningful work and shared some inspiring stories about their success so our young people could hear some first-hand experience.

Employer engagement can make a huge difference to our learners and hopefully, some will see a future in Hospitality and Catering. Thanks for supporting our young people! We are so grateful for the on-going support of our charity by TA Hotel Collection.

Thank you to our supporters…


Do you want to support our young people? There are many ways which you can support our programmes through industry related talks with our young people, work experience, mock interview practice or advise on work skills. The list goes on, but your help is vital to our young people progressing onto a positive future with Inspire. Get in touch on info@inspiresuffolk.org.uk or call 01473 353 194.