Summer Holiday Clubs: What to expect in a day

11 July 2024

Inspire holiday club Arts and Crafts

Summer holidays are fast approaching which often leaves parents with the question – what do I do with my children?

At Inspire, we’ve got you covered with our Summer Holiday Camps. Aimed at children from aged 5 – 11, they focus on activity, learning and gaining new skills. Led by experienced, fully trained professionals, children build their confidence, make new friends, and enjoy themselves.

Here’s what to expect on the day.

8am – 8:30 Early Start session
his allows parents to beat the morning rush to work for an additional £2

8:30am – Camp start

Children will start the day with a warm-up section, including structured activities such as Spiderman Tag, or can bring their books and spend a quiet moment reading. This time also allows parents to update or inform staff of any relevant information needed to facilitate their children.

Inspire holiday club sports camp

9am – Camp selection
After a quick reminder of the rules and behaviours expected, everyone gets briefed on what camps are running that day and allowed to pick which one they’d like to join.

Active Camp
Features sports including Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, Handball, Football and Basketball.
Creative Camp
This covers Arts and Crafts, Dance and Gymnastics. Arts and Crafts features a different theme each week and focuses on using materials that can be found at home.
Football Camp
All football, all day, featuring drills, skills and tournaments.

Children are divided in their camps by age group and will take part in three different activities before lunchtime, including time for a snack break.

9.15 – Activity one begins

9.55 – Snack time in their groups

10.15 – Changeover for second session

11am – Changeover for third session

12 – Lunchtime

At Inspire, we encourage kids to be physically active throughout the day. There will be structured games running during the lunchbreak from 12.30.

Inspire holiday club

1pm – Afternoon camp selection

Following a lunchbreak, the children are able to pick another camp to join, or can continue in the same one from their morning session. (Aside from football camp which must be pre-booked) They’ll then be taking part in another two to three activities, depending on their pick-up times.

Afternoons can often include an external activity such as gymnastics.

Each child also receives an Inspire Passport that encourages and supports positive behavior. Every time they learn a new skill, they are awarded stamps and ribbons which could win them a prize at the end of the holiday.

Days and Timings

Early start – From 8am

Standard – 8.30 – 3.30
Extended day – Until 4.30pm
Mega Day – 8am – 5.30

For more information and to book your space, visit here: