Students Revitalise Scout Hut to Give Back to the Community

24 March 2022

Our Clacton Team are giving back to their community by refurbishing the 1st Clacton Scout HQ on Blenheim Road.

The students are entering week 5 of a 12-week youth programme which works with young people aged 16-25 that are not in employment, education or training. As part of the programme, the team members take responsibility for a fundraising and social action project, designed to leave a lasting impact on the community and show the positive contribution young people can have.

They chose to help the 1st Clacton-On-Sea Scout Group as they thought that within Clacton-on-Sea there are limited facilities for young people to hang out in a safe and secure environment and thought the group did just that.

Ryan, from the Clacton team, explained, “The scout hut is great place for the local young people to learn and craft keys skills for their development. We wanted to thank them for what they do for young people by giving them a space they really like to be in.”

Creating a wood store for the scout group fire pit

To fund the project, the students completed an 8-mile Pier to Pier walk ,starting from Clacton and finishing at Walton pier. During the walk, litter picked to clear as much litter and plastic to improve the area for those that visited the site after them.

The money they raised has been put towards purchasing supplies and materials for the refurbishment, and any extra will be put back into the 1st Clacton-On-Sea Scout Group to purchase equipment for their activities.

The group hope by redecorating the hut, it will enhance the experience for young people and the local community. The project will include repainting the entire main hall and kitchen, making the space brighter and more inviting to all service users.

The team will also be clearing the garden and front façade to make a larger area for activities and be more presentable to the general public. This will enhance the already safe environment, which is used by a good number of local children, and help make the overall experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Megan, from the team, said, “We as a team are thrilled to be volunteering to make a positive difference to the local community and improving the lives of people who use the Scout Hall. We hope that once newly refurbished, it will encourage local families to enjoy the facilities for years to come.”

Charlie, added, “We want the project to lift spirits and bring life back into the scout hall. We want to not only show the great things young people can do and how valuable they are to their communities but to show that young people don’t just sit around doing nothing, that they are willing to make a difference and it’s important to give them opportunities to make that difference. This programme has done that for me.”

Team members take turns preparing the team lunch to fuel renovations