St James’s Place Charitable Foundation donate £3,695 to Inspire!

31 August 2018

We would like the thank St James’s Place Charitable Foundation for kindly donating £3,695 to us. Donations like these help us to continue our fundamental work with young people all across Suffolk.

We are very grateful to have been presented with a cheque from Richard Toll.  St James Place Charitable Foundation’s grant giving is guided by themes with the main focus on children and young people who have special needs through illness or disability or disadvantaged in other ways.

In the past, we have also received funding of £10,000 from St James Place Charitable Foundation to go towards our Turn Up & Play sessions. These free to access sports sessions run every weekday night for a variety of ages. The sessions also cover a variety of different sports like football, tennis, dance and much more!

The money we received from the foundation will be able to go towards a number of different programmes within our charity. Take a look below at what the money could go towards.

Interested in supporting Inspire? Look at ways you can support us as a charity here or contact Sara Warburton on or 01473 353 194.