Step Up Waste Management Success

27 August 2019

Over the past two weeks a group of young people have been taking part in our Step Up Waste Management programme in partnership with Sackers Recycling Limited. Our young people have been working hard in order to gain all the experience, knowledge and skills they need to take their next positive steps.

Our Step Up courses aim to provide young people between the ages of 16-24 the opportunity to gain industry-related training and qualifications, this acts as a stepping stone into employment by helping them gain experience and skills they can use in their chosen career sector.

The young people completed the course after achieving lots of training from the team at Sackers. They covered Health and Safety, Asbestos awareness, hand protection, eye protection as well as having lots of practical training which allowed them to get out in the yard. Their training covered dealing with end-of-life vehicles which involved depolluting them, removing fluids like oil, petrol, water and stripping wheels, catalytic converters and batteries.

Kevin Harrington, Compliance Manager, Sackers who was overseeing the training says: “This was very new to us, and it was more successful than we could have ever expected it to be. We had good calibre of students all willing to learn and were reliable and engaging. I was really impressed”.

Adrian Dodds, Managing Director of Sackers says: “Recruiting is hard at the moment, so it’s important that we invest in giving these young adults opportunities to grow and support them into careers. We are lucky that we have a varied business that allowed them to try different areas and we could see where their skills were”.

Garry Mills Education Progammes Manager at Inspire says: “We have run many of these courses in different sectors, but this is the first time we’ve delivered a waste training programme. Sackers have worked closely with us to deliver great training for those on the 2 weeks experience. We are so proud of what these students have achieved and couldn’t ask for a better outcome”.

On the behalf of the young people on the programme and Inspire, we would like to say a massive thank you to Sackers Recycling Limited for allowing our young people this great opportunity to train alongside a real-life working environment.

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