Period Equity for All: How Our Charity and Hey Girls Are Making a Difference

1 September 2023

Inspire staff stand in front of a sign with an Inspire logo holding Hey Girls Period Products

We have always believed in the power of community, support, and education to transform lives. Recently, we have had the incredible opportunity to join forces with Hey Girls, a multi-award-winning period product social enterprise that is on a mission to eradicate period poverty in the UK.

With the help of a network of community partners, Hey Girls aim to improve access to quality products, and increase education around period health to eliminate shame and stigma. By teaming up, we’re now able to offer free to access period products through our hubs in Lowestoft, Hadleigh and our headquarters in Ipswich.

As Danielle, our dedicated Centre Manager, puts it, “As the Centre Manager at Inspire, I am extremely grateful for the incredible partnership we have with Hey Girls. Thanks to their generous support, we’ve been able to ensure that period products are accessible in all our locations. By having ‘Hey Girls’ in every bathroom, we can make sure everyone can focus on learning, playing, and simply being themselves, without worry.”

This collaboration has had a profound impact on our ability to provide essential products to those who need them. Hey Girls, with their innovative “buy one, donate one” business model, has donated a staggering 33,195,219 period products to community organizations like ours. As a Hey Girls community partner, we have become a crucial link in the chain, helping to distribute these products through our community hubs and dedicated staff.

The heart of our partnership with Hey Girls is our joint commitment to ensuring that period products are accessible to all, regardless of gender, in a discreet and respectful manner. Our community hubs now provide these products free of charge, with no questions asked, forms to fill out, or personal details required.

Hey Girls has also provided us with invaluable educational materials that promote period health. They are tailored perfectly for young people, helping to foster an environment where everyone can thrive and learn.

Our collaboration represents more than just the distribution of period products; it furthers our shared commitment to creating a community where young people can flourish without barriers or limitations.

Together, we are breaking down the stigma around periods, promoting education, and ensuring that nobody has to face period poverty alone.