ONS announces largest fall in employment since 2009

11 August 2020

Young people’s prospects dramatically impacted with the largest fall in employment in over a decade, the Office of National Statistics reports.

According to ONS, employment severely declined by 220,000 on the quarter, with young people aged 24 and under among the worst affected.

This group is particularly vulnerable to changes within the job market as increased competition for entry-level jobs and lack of opportunities to up-skill pose a serious threat to their futures. Many of these young people are just starting their working lives and the threat of redundancy can put a strain on mental health and wellbeing at an important juncture in their development.

Analysts are also warning that we are not yet seeing the true extent of the impact of Covid-19 on employment. The end of the furlough scheme is thought to be a ‘looming cliff-edge’, whereby many more will face job cuts or reductions in income as government assistance tapers.

Nevertheless, the number of job vacancies has increased by 10% since the lockdown ended, which means opportunities are still available, but hard-won. Through additional training, support and opportunities, courses like Inspire’s Step Up and Team can help to develop the skills recruiters are looking for and help young people stand out.

At a time when there’s such fierce competition, our work has never been more important.  Our Yes Youth Employment Service has seen an unprecedented level of demand, with a 4-fold increase in referrals in the months of June and July.

If you’re between the ages of 16-25 and are unemployed or have recently been made redundant, please contact nextsteps@inspiresuffolk.org.uk. Our friendly team can recommend resources and courses that support your search for work, education or training.