Online courses for you!

19 March 2020

Were you feeling a bit stuck before Covid-19? Are you struggling to find work, write your CV and get work experience? Then you might be feeling uncertain about your next steps.

One things for sure – you shouldn’t let Coronavirus stop you from doing what you want to do! Now is the perfect time to focus on yourself and really concentrate on achieving your goals. There are many things that you could do to benefit yourself.

Get ahead of the game!

Are you unsure about what to do now or don’t know how to get a foot in the door? Research the sector and role you wish to pursue and find out what employers are looking for in those types of jobs. A good way to find out specifics is to look around for job vacancies available in similar positions or companies and find out what they require from the applicants. There’s plenty of websites you can find this information but Indeed and Reed are good places to start. Pick out skills and requirements you may need to work on and list the key ones you already have on your own CV!

Sharpen your skills

The world wide web is a fantastic place. There are many ways you can improve your skills, especially through free and affordable online courses! Below are some links where you will find a wide range of online courses:

Google Digital Garage is an incredible site for anyone looking to go into marketing and business. They also offer career development courses which are there to help support with public speaking, communication and effective leadership, to name a few. The courses range from beginner to advanced, there is something for everyone! The best thing about Google Digital Garage is that it is free and you can complete the course whenever you like. Their Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course is even accredited.

BT’s online learning service has so many great resources for learning everything from using email to launching your own business. When you’re not sure where to start, it’s a great step in the right direction. Have a look around, learn a skills for all areas of your life!

Udacity is perfect for anyone wanting to gain more knowledge and skills in the technology industry. They have a range of courses available covering a variety of data based roles. Udacity offers hands-on and practical based coursed and have mentors on hand to answer any questions you may have.

LinkedIn Learning has a wide range of courses to choose from and most importantly they offer training in how to use Microsoft’s software (used across most companies and organisations these days). Learning the basics to Microsoft 365 can benefit you massively and will be useful for in the future. LinkedIn Learning offers a 30 day free trial which is plenty of time to fit in a course or two!

Even just having a browse of these sites might inspire you to look at different careers and open up your options. Many companies may also be offering discounts or free use of their services while they know people are stuck at home, so keep an eye out!

Don’t give up and sit at home binge-watching Netflix, try something new, push yourself and reach your goals! You’ll thank yourself for it later.