Over 100 young people graduate from our NCS programme!

31 October 2016

Over 100 young people from Suffolk have graduated from our NCS programme at Inspire! We had an amazing graduation ceremony hosted by the team at Radical Lounge with live music and photo booth fun! Our young people spent their Summer holidays taking on new challenges, learning new skills and giving back to the community for three weeks on the National Citizen Service (NCS) youth programme.

For their first week, the groups of 16 and 17 year olds came together to take on new challenges at outdoor activity centre Lambourne End. With a host of new friends they bonded in their groups through adventures including Rock Climbing and Raft Building!


They then spent their second week staying in university style accommodation at Royal Hospital School and Orwell Park where they learnt to cook and budget for themselves, with visits from Radical Lounge for music workshops, Paul Hannaford for drug awareness workshops, and more who taught them new skills, and discussed how the power of young people can make a real impact on the community.

They then worked together in their third week to create their own social action project using the skills they’d developed on the programme. They split in to groups and chose to dedicate their project to various causes including raising awareness and money for local causes and organisations. Read more about their Summer Social Action Projects here.


We run NCS in Suffolk during the Spring, Summer and Autumn school holidays and it costs no more than £50 with bursaries available. Young people and their parents can register their interest today with us here.

Our next programme is next Summer…get in touch and get signed up like 200,000 other young people across the country so far! Either visit here or contact our NCS Programme Co-Ordinator Sophie Mudie on sophiem@inspiresuffolk.org.uk or 01473 353 197.


Thanks so much to Curtis and the team at Radical Lounge for hosting such an amazing event and supporting our young people on their NCS journeys! You’ve helped us make it such a great experience for over a hundred young people.

Here are some pictures of our fab Inspire NCS graduation hosted by Curtis from Radical Lounge. All of the pictures can be found here.


Our next NCS programme is next Summer… Sign up like 200,000 other young people across the country so far!