Ipswich Team programme walk over 11 miles for homeless in Ipswich

23 February 2018

Our Ipswich Prince’s Trust Team programme arranged a sponsored park walk this week, taking in 6 Ipswich parks and approximately 11 miles starting with Christchurch Park, all to support the homeless in Ipswich.

The team plans to raise money to support the homeless in Ipswich. They are in the process of making a video to heighten awareness of the issues in Ipswich, as part of their Community Project, and will donate the money raised to a local homeless charity.

Please contact them if you would like to participate in the film, make a donation towards their sponsored walk or require any further information on peterr@inspiresuffolk.org.uk.

The Community Project aspect of Team programme is really important. Our learners identify a cause which they are all passionate about and then plan, fundraise and implement their project. It’s a great experience for them to lead, work as a team and fantastic to add to their CVs for opportunities after the programme! Find out more about what they get up to on our Team programme here.

Aaron, one of our Team members said:

“The walk went really well. I didn’t think I’d make the 12 miles and all six parks but I just kept going until the end. It was difficult because my legs starting aching and I tripped over 3 times (!) but at the same time it was lots of fun and we helped each other through. It was interesting seeing some different parks and other areas in Ipswich. It was especially worthwhile because I know that the homeless in Ipswich will benefit from our hard work”.

Nice work Team! Keep a look out on our website and social media channels for the finished film.

Find out more about our Team programme and how it supports local 16-25 year olds here