Inspire receives recycling cash

11 July 2017

A national recycling scheme supported by Ipswich Borough Council has raised £5,000 for our charity which will help to support young people in need onto positive next steps into adulthood.

We are very grateful to have been presented with a cheque by the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Roger Fern this week.

The Borough Council strives to prevent metals that are left following a cremation from being unnecessarily buried and posing a threat to the environment. After each cremation, and with the agreement of the family, the metals from the coffin, along with orthopaedic implants, are recycled.

The scheme is endorsed by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management. It is always going to be a sensitive issue, so the Council is part of a national recycling scheme that enables it to nominate organisations for a donation.

Terry Baxter, CEO of Inspire says:

“We are incredibly grateful for the donation of £5,000 which will go towards supporting young people who are encountering real difficulties in taking their lives in adulthood. It is important to us to be able to support young people and give them a real opportunity to fulfil their potential.”

Caption: Deputy Mayor Roger Fern hands a cheque to Terry Baxter watched by Bereavement Services staff Steve Kemp, Kirsty Smith and Nikki Spooner.