Businesses Pledge their Support to Help Improve the Lives of Local Young People

28 February 2022

Organisations from across Suffolk are pledging an annual donation of £1,000 to help make the future brighter for the next generation.

Today, young people are experiencing challenges like never before; the millennium cohort study by CLS found that by 17, 7% of young people had attempted suicide and, according to the Youth Evidence Review, there has been a decrease in life satisfaction during the last decade.

Through Inspire +, Suffolk-based businesses are funding life-changing interventions for young people who are facing challenges such as these, and helping them build the skills they need, not just for work, but for the world. Opus People Solutions, Hemisphere Freight and MPS Energy are among the businesses that have already signed up.

Through our charity’s range of services, young people can access counselling, personal development courses and employment support, without the barrier of cost.

Sarah Smith, Co-founder of StrategiQ, is a member and explains that the results speak for themselves. “It’s really important to us that we support and inspire the next generation to do whatever they want to do in life and raise awareness of the opportunities that are out there when it comes to learning and development. Inspire has an amazing team and genuinely care about changing young people’s lives – why wouldn’t we want to be a part of this when the results are so amazing, and the future of these young people are changed for the better?”

Sara Warburton, Events & Fundraising Manager at Inspire, says the support we’ve received so far will not only change lives but save them. “It’s vital that young people know they are an important and valued part of our community and the influx of support from local businesses really does show this. Too easily, young people can be left behind or feel that they are going to be dismissed when they reach out for help, but this is something we can’t allow to happen. With the help of these organisations, we can continue providing the support they need to make positive progress. We believe everyone deserves a chance to succeed.”

Crystal, 23, is just one young person who has benefitted from the charity’s support after contacting the wellbeing service to help with her declining mental health. She credits the service for helping her re-enter education and move forward with her life.

“Before I used Inspire’s wellbeing service, I felt lost and abandoned. No one was listening to me. Now, I just feel like I have someone supporting me for once. I have already recommended the service to people I know and told them to go for it – we’re all human and sometimes we need a bit of help.”

To find out more about the initiative and the difference your support makes, please click here.