A Warm Welcome to our New Trustees

10 July 2023

We are thrilled to announce the addition of three new trustees to our board – Jenna Ackerley, Sally Westwood, and James Buckle. Their appointment brings a whole host of new experience to the charity, furthering our mission of helping young people to raise their ambitions and realise their potential.

Jenna Ackerley’s journey to becoming a trustee started with a simple inquiry about how she could help Inspire. Following that initial message, Jenna became interested in supporting our work on an ongoing basis, ultimately leading to her appointment as a Trustee. With a background in entrepreneurship, Jenna founded Events Under Canvas, an outdoor events business that has achieved incredible success. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Events Under Canvas thrived. Jenna’s business acumen and tenacity will undoubtedly support Inspire as it continues it’s journey of supporting local young people. She is also experienced in event organisation and fundraising.

Sally Westwood, our second valuable addition to the board, brings her experience as a pharmacist and a director of an agricultural consultancy business. Her passion for helping young people fulfill their potential is evident through her previous involvement as a trustee of the Porch Project, which recently joined the Inspire family. Having lived and worked in Suffolk for most of her life, Sally understands the unique opportunities and challenges faced by our youth. As a church warden and a supporter of various local clubs, she is well placed at the heart of the community and is committed to opening doors for young people so they can explore the countless opportunities available to them.

James Buckle, a prominent figure in Suffolk’s charity sector, is another welcome addition to Inspire’s board. Having served as the chair of the Porch Project and the Suffolk Community Foundation, James brings a a wide array of experience and expertise to the table. His dedication to community development aligns perfectly with Inspire’s mission of empowering young people. As the owner of Heathpatch Limited, a company involved in renewable energy, recycling, manufacturing, and hospitality, James understands the importance of creating stable and sustainable employment opportunities. He is  a strong advocate for apprenticeship schemes, which play a crucial role in retaining talent within the county.

The addition of Jenna, Sally, and James to Inspire’s board is an exciting chapter for the charity and we would like to extend to them a warm welcome. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise will enhance our ability to support and inspire young people now and into the future.