Ipswich Team Programme Residential

14 October 2019

Over the past weeks we have been following the Princes Trust Team Programme in Ipswich. The group have had a busy few weeks so far!

Young people join the Team Programme to help them feel more positive in finding and securing a place of work, volunteer work or further education. At the start of the course a majority of the group said they wanted to be more confident when they went into a job, a few had struggled in their last places of work due to anxiety and therefore had to leave.

A big part of Team Programme is the residential trip, here the young people learn how to work as a team, to communicate and to push themselves out of their comfort zones. It is these trips that help the young people build confidence, in particular those suffering from mental health problems: “The residential really helped all of us, especially the ones with mental health issues and it made us more positive and relaxed.”

The vast range of activities and challenges pushes the young people to face their fears and overcome hurdles, things that they would never normally do. These obstacles are what helps them build confidence, self-esteem and motivates them to keep pushing themselves.

It was great to see the group coming out of their shells and getting stuck in and working so well as a team.


The buggy building was a fantastic activity for the whole group to get involved in. Following instructions they learnt to build buggies out of barrels and logs and tying them together using a specific type of knot. It may not have been obvious to them but this activity allowed them to communicate, work together as a team, support and motivate each other.



Keeping active and being outdoors is rare for many young people these days but especially for those who struggle to stay motivated and positive or those who may be dealing with mental health problems. We see a lot of these people come onto the programme and therefore the residential trip is a great way to get the young people outdoors and moving whilst having fun!



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